Modern Slavery is Hidden in Plain Sight across the UK. Thousands of people are suffering the traumatic effects of slavery every single day. We support survivors of modern slavery through our safehouses and support programmes, which you can find more information on under Our Services.

You can help us raise awareness and essential funds for victims of modern slavery during Anti-Slavery Week 2019, by donating to us and changing your social media profile picture to one of our #spotthesigns images.

Raise awareness about Modern Slavery

You can help to raise awareness by posting to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or by changing your profile picture. We have created some images for you for you to download as well as some suggested captions should you need them.

Stuck for words? Here are some suggested captions for you to use.

On any given day, over 40 million people are victims of modern slavery. And it’s happening here in the UK. I’m joining the fight against modern day slavery by supporting City Hearts’ #spotthesigns campaign. Will you? #hiddeninplainsight #antislaveryday

Over the past five years, City Hearts has supported over 3000 of the most vulnerable people in society. I’m standing alongside them as they support victims of modern slavery across the UK #spotthesigns #hiddeninplainsight #antislaveryday

There are over 136,000 known victims of modern slavery in the UK, and many more are hidden in plain sight within our communities. I’m joining City Hearts to #spotthesigns in their anti-slavery day campaign.

Together we can end modern slavery. #spothesigns and #takeaction this anti-slavery day.