City Hearts is kept alive by both Government funding and the support of generous donors from across the country and, as we continue to progress, across the world.  

We urgently need your support today.

The Source is our giving membership programme created to raise one million pounds for the future of City Hearts.

We seek to bring together businesses, charities, churches, generous donors and lifelong philanthropists to help fulfill our vision to restore the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable and exploited people in our world today.

Individual Support

Our individual donors are the heartbeat behind what we do. Your generous support makes an incredible difference. And why not consider legacy gifts and fundraising to help restore more people.

Charity & Foundation Support

We value the cross-pollination of the causes and vision of various charities and foundations and know the incredible value in sharing both knowledge and assets.

Business Support

The pursuit of freedom and restoration of the lives of society’s most vulnerable is a noble cause and supporting City Hearts is a significant way of rewriting their stories. There are a number of ways you can support us as a business including corporate gifts, percentage of sale, round-up, match funding, gifts in kind, corporate volunteering days and employee and customer fundraising.

Church Missional Support

You can partner with City Hearts through your mission giving to restore those most in need and to partner with us in reaching out to the most afflicted and degraded in our world, giving them back dignity, freedom and hope.



A three year investment of either £5,000/year or £400/month.


A three year investment of either £2,500/year or £200/month.


A three year investment of either £1,o00/year or £80/month.

Your Choice


A valuable two year investment of your choice.

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How to give

We encourage all donors to give by standing order using the following details:
Account Name: City Hearts (UK)
Sort Code: 20-76-89
Account Number: 80111171

As a member of the Source

You will receive regular updates showing how your giving is being used to transform lives and an invitation to the City Hearts complimentary black tie dinner.

Accountability and transparency

In line with our values, we take our financial responsibilities extremely seriously.  We are independently audited and public records of City Hearts annual financial statements can be found on the Charity Commission website.