What is Freedom?

Freedom is not a moment or an instant, it is a path to restoration. Every step towards freedom, however small, matters. Over the past five years, we have supported 3000 of society’s most vulnerable people on their journey of freedom. For many of our clients, this is their first Christmas free from exploitation. The trauma they have experienced cannot be erased, but we do everything we can to give them a Christmas full of love and new memories.

How can I help?

A step towards freedom can be as simple as owning winter clothing to keep warm, which is why we’re asking you to donate hats, scarves and gloves to the clients in our care this Christmas. Our appeal begins on the 25th November, we are hoping to collect 500 sets of hats, scarves and gloves for the 500 clients we are currently supporting.

You can simply Donate to City Hearts with the reference ‘Christmas’ and we will do the rest!

You can buy the items and drop them off at on of our locations listed below

You can buy the items yourself online and set the address to ‘City Hearts Christmas Appeal’, The Megacentre, Bernard Road, S2 5BQ

Drop off Points


The Megacentre
Bernard Road
S2 5BQ
Drop off between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday


79-81 Kempston Street
L3 8HE


21A Upper Accommodation Road


St Hilda’s East Community Centre
18 Club Row
E2 7EY


85 City Road