How to spot the signs of modern slavery

How to spot the signs of modern slavery 960 639 City Hearts

These key indicators can help you identify a potential victim of modern slavery

  • The individual may look unkempt or malnourished, with few personal belongings
  • They may appear uneasy and anxious
  • They may have untreated injuries
  • Someone else may be paying for their travel
  • Someone may be speaking for them
  • They may be reluctant to interact with others/talk to strangers/the authorities
  • Have no personal identification on them
  • Unsure of their own address
  • They could be picked up and dropped off from work at unusual times

What to do if you think someone is a victim of modern slavery

  • You can call The Salvation Army’s 24/7 referral helpline on 0300 3038151.
  • If there is an immediate danger to the suspected victim or if you think they are under 18, call 999.

City Hearts in the Yorkshire Post

City Hearts in the Yorkshire Post 5190 3460 City Hearts

Our South Yorkshire regional manager Kirsty recently featured in the Yorkshire Post. Kirsty shared her experience supporting survivors of modern slavery, the joy of seeing lives restored and the prevalence of modern slavery in the UK.

Kirsty also highlights the key places to look out for victims of modern slavery, including hand car washes, nail bars, takeaways and airports.

Sharing the powerful journey of her first client, a 26-year-old woman who was rescued from the side of the M1 and was seven months pregnant, Kirsty recalls “Her hair was matted, she couldn’t make eye contact and would not talk, I showed her to her room and she immediately shut the curtains.”

“On Christmas day that year, we got a smile as she received her first gift. On Valentine’s Day she gave birth to a daughter and becoming a mother gave her something to call her own.”

Read the full article here.

City Hearts in the Sheffield Telegraph

City Hearts in the Sheffield Telegraph 1200 630 City Hearts

City Hearts Managing Director, Ed Newton, is in this week’s Sheffield Telegraph telling us about his favourite things, including the City Hearts staff team – that’s all 155 of us!

This year our amazing team have pursued the freedom and restored the lives of over 500 men, women and children who are survivors of modern slavery, and many others who have struggled with life controlling issues.

Read the full article here.